“A superbly crafted combination of romance and suspense, When Camels Fly is a riveting read from first page to last. It is also the first volume of novelist NLB Horton’s new series ‘Parched’. Very highly recommended for personal reading lists and community library collections.”

Small Press Bookwatch, a division of Midwest Book Reviews


“The writing was great—hysterical descriptions of Grace’s clumsiness and ability to fall from, over, and into all kinds of material—mostly foul-smelling. Her self-effacing comments add humor and pathos. What a great heroine. Be sure to savor the language. Some images were priceless.”

Chris, Goodreads


“Already in the middle of a good James Patterson book when my copy of When Camels Fly arrived. I thought I’d take a quick peek at it before finishing my Patterson book. NLB Horton’s story pulled me in — Patterson can wait! I want to know what happens to Grace and Maggie!”

Pat H., verified Amazon purchaser


“A non-stop action novel! Edge of your seat experience, 21st century James Bond and it even has an MI6 connection. This could be labeled a Christian Thriller, but that would be too narrow. Really great read. Do not miss it!”

Bill T., Goodreads


When Camels Fly is an amazingly good read—gripping and gritty—a real page-turner, can’t put the book down until I’m finished story that’s very few and far between these days. Excellent.”

Anne-Marie, Barnes & Noble 


“I loved this book, mostly because I want to be Grace.”

Leigh C., verified Amazon purchaser


“It’s great to see strong women characters in a predominantly male field (thrillers and the Middle East), and if you’re looking for an interesting mystery, pick this one up today!”

Nicole H., Amazon


“The book’s primary strength flows from refreshingly idiosyncratic characters — uniform only in that they are intriguing. Additionally, the plot is well-placed and unique.”

Taylor H., Amazon 


“Oh my goodness! When a book begins with a women (Maggie Madison) hearing two of her kidnappers outside the tent discussing her death, you know the camel spit is about to fly!”

Luann, Goodreads 


“At last! An intelligent suspense novel with a female protagonist who doesn’t believe she needs to act like one of the boys.”

Nancy B., verified Amazon purchaser 


“The purely instinctive and heart-warming story of a gutsy mother wanting to protect her child at any cost.”

Mystica, Goodreads 


“If you are a fan of Dan Brown novels and Indiana Jones movies, like me, then this is the book for you.”

Kent P., Amazon 


When Camels Fly is a thriller full of suspense, intrigue, espionage, and great family dynamics.”

Dawn, Amazon 




So Many Precious Books   (“Grabbed me from the first page.” more)


Inspire to Read   (“Good plot, with strong, crafty characters that keep you spellbound through Jerusalem or on camelback.” more)


Back Porchervations   (“I started reading When Camels Fly one evening and when I looked up it was *ahem* well past my bedtime. I am thrilled we will see the Madisons again.” more)


Open Book Society   (“I loved the writing style. It just grabbed me and would not let go. And it’s not my normal genre.” more)


From L.A. to LA    (“I could so clearly see the characters at the Western Wall, riding camels in the desert, or eating in a bedouin tent.” more)


Musings from Sri Lanka    (“The story magnifies the relationship between a mother and daughter at its most basic despite the sophisticated setting.” more)


Mary’s Cup of Tea    (“This is a really good, old-fashioned mystery/drama.” more)


Story Matters     (“Despite its whimsical title, When Camels Fly is a smart read for intelligent readers.” more)




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