The Brothers’ Keepers (Parched, Book 2)

A friend’s deliberate deception. A family’s desperate dilemma. 


When a dear friend disappears without warning, archaeologist Grace Madison exposes his deadly deception—only to realize that it endangers everything she cherishes.



While cataloging looted antiquities in Brussels, Grace learns that her son’s bride has been attacked in Switzerland. Her day careens from bad to catastrophic when daughter Maggie, a hydrologist, disappears in France.


Coincidence is a luxury that Grace cannot afford. Particularly when near-fatal history—saturated in espionage—is repeating itself.


Family members convene in Paris, where they discover that they possess a relic that holds the key to the danger consuming them. Embedded like a taproot in the Ancient Near East, the cuneiform clay tablet is their only lifeline. But before they can save themselves, they must first find and rescue their elderly friend—if he’ll

let them.


On an epic  journey following two brothers, crossing three continents, and spanning four thousand years, the Madison family risks it all—to save it all. They rediscover and reinvest in love. Offer and receive redemption. And summon the courage to face truth: about themselves, each other, and the difference in right and wrong.


Because sometimes, doing what’s right is all that’s left.




© 2013 N.B.Horton