Reading Group Guide



1.  The title of this book, The Brothers’ Keepers, refers to Grace Madison’s determination to protect her beloved professor, Stanley Augustus Steele, PhD. To what lengths would you go to protect someone? Do you think Grace is crazy? Why or why not?


2.  The Brothers’ Keepers, like When Camels Fly before it, is about “doing the right thing.” Cite a situation in which you chose to do the right thing despite personal cost. Was it worth it?


3.  Grace and her husband, Mark, are working to rebuild their marriage. How hard do you think it is to fall in love again? Is marriage only a commitment or a covenant? Which is most important: love or commitment?


4.  How do you think society’s perspective of marriage differs in the three generations  — young adults, Boomers, and mature adults — depicted in the Parched series?


5.  Which of the characters in The Brothers’ Keepers can you relate to, and why? Do any seem incomprehensible?


6.  Do you want Maggie to fall for Cliff, the all-American as loyal as a golden retriever? Or Matthew, the handsome foreigner exuding danger, and bringing different cultural expectations to the table? How important is common ground? Or what common ground is most important?


7.  Grace raised children, built a family, and has a career. Maggie has sacrificed her own family life for her career. Can a woman “have it all,” or is that lifestyle a myth? How does contemporary Christianity support of discourage the choices Grace and Maggie are making?


8.  In Genesis, we’re told that man and woman are created equally in God’s image. What attributes of God do you see in characters in The Brothers’ keepers? Are they stereotypic?


9.  Laura McAlex exhibits some nasty personality traits as the villainess of the Parched series. But we learn about her background in The Brothers’ Keepers. Does her history evoke your compassion? Do you think she can change and be redeemed? How does she differ from male villains?


10.  Are you comfortable with a villainess? Do you respond to Laura McAlex the same way you would respond to a villain?


11.  Do you know vigorous octogenarians? Talk about the traits of the Steeles, Merrit, and Flately. What can you do today to prepare to live actively and joyfully for the rest of your life?



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