Winter is tough at 8,500 feet! So as the snow begins to melt, N. B. Horton hits the road. Here’s a look at her schedule so far. Please note that summer events are being scheduled all across the Rockies.


January 3 — IndieReviews Behind the Scenes (live radio interview)

March 14 — Next Page Books, Frisco, Colorado

March 25 — Aging Outside the Box (live radio interview), 6:00 p.m. CST

TBD in April — The Bookworm, Edwards, Colorado

June 26 — Book Review of A Dangerous Place

July 3 — Book Review of The Truth According to Us




June 5 — Steve Leigh, the Zephyr (live radio interview)



June 6 — The Bookworm, Edwards, book event


December 3 — Midday Conversations with Cyrus Webb (live radio interview)




So Many Precious Books   (“Grabbed me from the first page.” more)

Miki’s Hope   (“The characters you will love, from the octogenarians to Mom, who is hilarious.” more)

Inspire to Read   (“Good plot, with strong, crafty characters that keep you spellbound through Jerusalem or on camelback.” more)

Cassandra M’s Place   (“I could almost imagine being in the story and rooting for the perfect ending.” more)

Deal-Sharing Aunt   (“Every family has secrets, and this family learned each other’s. I hope there is a sequel.” more)

Back Porchervations   (“I started reading When Camels Fly one evening and when I looked up it was *ahem* well past my bedtime. I am thrilled we will see the Madisons again.” more)

Open Book Society   (“I loved the writing style. It just grabbed me and would not let go. And it’s not my normal genre.” more)

Two Children & A Migraine   (I wanted to keep reading to find out what was going to happen next.” more)

My Devotional Thoughts   (“I would certainly read another book by this author if given a chance.” more)

From L.A. to LA    (“I could so clearly see the characters at the Western Wall, riding camels in the desert, or eating in a bedouin tent.” more)

Musings from Sri Lanka    (“The story magnifies the relationship between a mother and daughter at its most basic despite the sophisticated setting.” more 

Bless Their Hearts Mom  (“The author does a great job of allowing the reader to keep guessing and wondering until the end. I definitely can see it as a TV series or movie.” more)  

Bound 4 Escape   (“I definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes action, suspense, and thrillers.” more)

Heart of a Philanthropist   (“The book was awesome!” more)

Mary’s Cup of Tea    (“This is a really good, old-fashioned mystery/drama.” more)

Story Matters     (“Despite its whimsical title, When Camels Fly is a smart read for intelligent readers.” more)



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