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The Brothers’ Keepers REVIEWS 

The Brothers’ Keepers, book 2 in the Parched series, delivers masterful international suspense driven by contemporary family dynamics. Light the late-night oil because you won’t want to put this book down.”

DiAnn Mills, Christy Award Winner, author of Firewall


“A solid read that will engage you from cover to cover, NLB Horton delivers with The Brothers’ Keepers. A great five-star mystery and suspense novel.”

Cyrus Webb, Conversations Book Club host, #ConversationsLIVE radio host, Amazon Top 500 reviewer, VINE VOICE


“NLB Horton creates beautiful imagery in her words, and the events that take place in The Brothers’ Keepers play out vividly, as though a film is playing in the reader’s mind. I was most impressed by the realism of the dialogue, which grounded a plot that might have seemed a little too fantastical in the hands of another writer. Every character had great conviction and a clear, distinctive voice.”

K.C. Finn, Readers’ Favorites


“Each page catapults you into a new landscape, following a plot littered with mystery and family-style espionage. Dialogues expose undertones of wit, sarcasm, and sibling rivalry. In outstanding character development, Grace transitions from worried mom and anxious wife to threatening people with bodily harm!

Cheryl E. Rodriguez, Readers’ Favorites 




When Camels Fly REVIEWS

“A superbly crafted combination of romance and suspense, When Camels Fly is a riveting read from first page to last. It is also the first volume of novelist NLB Horton’s new series ‘Parched’. Very highly recommended for personal reading lists and community library collections.”

Small Press Bookwatch, a division of Midwest Book Review


Author NLB Horton’s debut novel opens with a bang, as archaeologist Grace Madison shoots her daughter’s abductor on a dig in Israel. The suspense continues as a plot to control scarce water in the Middle East threatens to turn into a new world war.” Read more 

Clay Evans, Boulder Daily Camera


“It’s obvious from the writing that the author has spent time here, getting to know the lay of the land enough to be comfortable fictionalizing parts of it in her novel, which I found quite innovative.” Read more 

Ellis Shuman, The Times of Israel 


“Page-turning international suspense — this writer is on her way up!”

DiAnn MillsThe Survivor, Christie Award Winner


“Hold onto your seats, this is an action packed adventure from the first page. I loved it. I feel like I traveled through Israel in ways I never have before. The characters are strong, the details were amazing and the action never stopped.”

Holly Anderson, NetGalley


“A fun-filled action story full of mystery, history, and intrigue, featuring an American family at its best and that’s a refreshing and inspiring picture.”

Paul Johnson, Readers’ Favorites


“I highly recommend this hard to put down, fascinating look into the Middle East. I read somewhere that information about the locations where the action took place was very accurate. Knowing that the author took so much care to make the setting authentic added to my appreciation of the book.”

Connie Martello, NetGalley


“I enjoyed this tale, but more importantly, my 76-year-old mother enjoyed the story. She said it was one of the better mysteries she has read in quite some time. I consider this high praise!”

Aleta Sullivan, NetGalley




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