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What Readers are Saying . . .

“When Camels Fly is a story of intrigue and romance, an amazingly good read. It was gripping and gritty, a  page turning, ‘can’t put it down until I’ve finished it’ kind of story, very few and far between these days.The whole story flowed naturally. Excellent book.” July 2014

“At last! An intelligent suspense novel with a female protagonist who doesn’t believe she needs to act like one of the boys. When Camels Fly is as well written as books by well-known suspense authors, with twists and turns that kept me in the fast-paced story. The family aspect, elderly theologians, and a little romance were unusual. I hope to see more from this author.” June 2014

“Already in the middle of a good James Patterson book when my copy of When Camels Fly arrived. I thought I’d take a quick peek at it before finishing my Patterson book. NLB Horton’s story pulled me in — Patterson can wait! I want to know what happens to Grace and Maggie!” May 2014

“I loved this book, mostly because I want to be Grace. Her life is exciting and adventurous, and her character is extremely well-developed. As she is narrating, I am willing to “suspend my disbelief” because her thoughts are real and multi-dimensional. I love the way a Christian point of view is woven into her narrative, mostly because it is not “preachy” or cheesy. Grace is a woman who trusts God – a fallible woman with spirit and courage and occasional rogue thoughts.” June 2014

“In When Camels Fly, the family dynamics are modern, although the faith (which is handled with a very light hand) is traditional. Espionage is gender-neutral. And the science is also largely dominated by women (FINALLY!).” May 2014


What Bloggers are Saying . . . 

“I love the writing style, it just grabbed me and would not let go, in spite of the fact that this is not a usual genre for me. I loved close to the beginning where Maggie and Grace are racing underground, having been dumped in a cistern beneath the City of David. Their race to escape the rising waters was so well written . . . I felt like I was racing for survival as well.” Open Book Society,  June 2014

“I loved the writing style of the book. The author was able to keep me entertained throughout, and I did not find myself ay anytime wanting to skip a few pages to get to the good part. The flow of the book was great!  Even when there was not any real action happening, I was still satisfied with the story going on and wanted to keep reading to find out what was going to happen next.” Two Children and a Migraine, June 2014

“NLB Horton has a graduate degree from Dallas Theological Seminary, but I never felt preached to. Sure, there was reference to religion and even a couple of religious artifacts, but that is to be expected in Israel, of all places. Like her character, Grace, the author has survived Israeli archaeological digs. I think her personla experience is what helped make this story so good. I can hardly wait for her next book, The Brothers’ Keepers. And I highly recommend When Camels Fly.

So Many Precious Books, So Little Time, May 2014